The Shrimpy Police Department is a group of shrimpies that are the police in shrimpies.

The Shrimpy Police





Meeting Place

Shrimpy Police Department Building


Spotty founded the Shrimpy Police Department and gave TJ a job oppurtunity as the chief.  He was the chief for a long time, helping shrimpies.  He was chief until just recently, when he disappeared.  The chief is now Redboy.


These are some of the criminals in the list of arrests.

Common ArrestsEdit

These are the most common arrests.


Ripclone is arrested very commonly for attacking shrimpies, just because of a few things he did.

Tide PoolEdit

Tide Pool and Ripclone fight each other a lot, and Tide Pool will also get arrested for mating with other shrimpies.


White is always breaking laws because he is agressive, being a Great White in all.


Salty is commonly arrested for fighting Riptide.  Riptide and Salty do not like each other, and at one point they both tried to marry the same person, Ally.

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